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Hello – I’m Dr. Pat

I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Breakthrough Leadership Transformation. I am a wife, mum, entrepreneur, global leadership catalyst and coach. I am passionate and committed to helping you become your next best self and rise above your past, goals and fears.

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I use the Four-Way Manifesto to help you Break Through and become Your Next Best Self with stories, proven research, authentic personal experiences and coaching questions.

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Amazing transformation stories

I am eternally grateful to the Breakthrough Mastery Circle for the transformative growth in my self-leadership that allowed me to discover my “True North’ my “Guiding Star”. Indeed once this is established, positive change for yourself and the communities we serve is inevitable and ultimately transcends boundaries with a positive ripple effect globally.

Dr. Angela MigowaPediatric Rheumatologist Pediatric Rheumatologist, Aga Khan University Hospital, Top 40 Awardee

BMC transformed not only my professional life but also my personal life. I gained clarity, perspective and a whole lot more. I am a lot more intentional in how I run my days, associations that I keep, my self care, purpose and plan for my life and general impact that I have on others, be it those who report directly to me or even my own family. If you feel stuck (literally or otherwise), then, BMC will help get you unstuck. Forever thankful for a ‘rediscovered, intentional and impactful Mary', thanks to BMC. Highly recommended.

Mary Onguko – WanyonyiHead, Customers Relations, iSAT Africa Limited

As an alumni of BMC, I can confidently say I became a better person and a better leader. Every decision I make is intentional and well thought out. I am a better communicator now as I recently did a 30 minute presentation to a huge audience and this to me is a great achievement as I have great and loved brands in the beauty industry but I lacked confidence to sell my vision. I learnt a lot also in personal branding and pitching. I highly recommend any woman in business to join Breakthrough Mastery Circle and they’ll be amazed at the person they become!

Rispah GakuuDirector, Oriental Exquisite

My name is Christine Njiru Musau an executive leader and an alumni of BLT Mastery Circle 2021.
Being in the mastery circle opened doors for networking and collaboration with like-minded executive ladies who were also in the journey of self-discovery, personal and professional growth. I gleaned lessons and challenges from my leadership catalyst, the faculty, my personal board of directors, the larger group through individual coaching sessions, peer coaching, personal reflection, and collaboration opportunities. I fortified my strengths, identified areas of growth, opportunities, and was able to identify and consider my threats. I am in the path of learning, unlearning and re learning habits and behaviors’ that may trip or catapult me in my quest for growth.
Through this class I am now an avid reader and my purpose, worth and intent were affirmed.
I was re-energized and I am now going forth as a daring leader who will push through the discomfort as I live an abundant life and press towards the goal set before me.

Christine Njiru MusauDirector, Business Support - Africa, Compassion International Inc.

The Change Has Been Gradual, And The Growth Continues To Be Transformational.
I am now able to take a deliberate, calculated and progressive introspection at myself, in order to unpack issues/challenges hindering my growth and in the same calculated way, determine what step by step solutions I can take. I am no longer bound by my shadows and fears, I am able to work through these, and use them as stepping stones.
I am slowly discovering a deep love for me, and with that love, the strongest potential. Living life is a joy, because there is always tomorrow, in which I strive towards.
The journey towards becoming my next best self, has enabled me to be more conscious of my impact on the teams around me, and I now constantly and consciously strive to inspire and motivate others towards a similar path, so that we are all working together to create meaningful change to the environment around us.

Myra DeyaAG Country Director Malawi, Trade Mark East Africa

From the moment I walked into the Orientation class of BMC 2021 at Kempiski,
I knew 2021 was destined to be a great year of learning for me. The reason I applied to join BMC is that I had a hunger to be transformed, deep down I knew it was time for a change and BMC provided me that platform. My word for the year 2021 is OVERCOME, and with the clarity brought about from the numerous coaching sessions with Dr. Patricia Murugami, I did OVERCOME my fears and doubts and I have managed to move forward on what matters most to me and I now have a plan for the future both personally and professionally. The different speakers she brought in during the sessions, inspired me to be intentional about the woman I want to be and the vision I desired for myself. I must say that I have never taken mental and emotional wellbeing so seriously! I believe I have grown into a better sister, daughter, and friend just to note this is where most growth has happened because I had to check my work life integration and I did a massive course correct. I keep growing , I keep unlearning , I keep learning new things because from BMC I have developed a coachable attitude and a growth mindset.
Thank you team.

Dr. Evah AmwayiHead of Regulatory Affairs East & West Africa, GlaxoSmithKline Limited

In the words of Alice Walker, from the book THE TEMPLE OF MY FAMILIAR,
“Keep in mind always the present you are constructing, it should be the future you want.
These are the words I carried with me as I joined the Breakthrough Leadership Transformation training program. I was seeking growth and change for myself. In my own selfish way to grow ME. To grow ME into what exactly; you would ask . . .Good question.

Need I prepare you that once you join the class all selfish agendas are left outside the door. Yes you will grow you, but wholesomely and embrace an aspect of togetherness and community input in your growth journey.
BLT training and application of the lessons learnt brings with it vulnerability, re-assessment of one’s life goals and purpose. Vulnerability is a good phase to go through because with Dr. Patricia Murugami’ s guidance, this is where you then start to experience change and transformation.
I have emerged from our Circle a better leader, a better student, mentor and friend. The relationships I now hold are purposeful as I maintain a deliberate circle of Leadership Accountability. Output in my line of duty has also greatly benefited from this training and would encourage lady leaders in whatever walk and stage of one’s career to pursue this course.
Am I then constructing the future I want after the course, absolutely! I greatly thank Dr. Patricia and the team at BLT, for teaching me different approach to life whilst accepting and thriving in the stage of life and career one is in, as you blossom for the next.
And please as you GROW and RISE, don’t ever forget to LIFT OTHERS!

Patricia KaranjaHead of Agency Business Distribution | AIG Kenya Insurance Company Ltd

My name is Wanjiru Kanyiha, Executive Director of Kilimani Project Foundation and Chief Operating Officer of Think Delus Limited. I am married and a mother to four wonderful children. I had the privilege of being part of the Third Cohort of the Breakthrough Leadership Course from March to July of 2021. I can say it was an exhilarating journey for me, the beginning of a very important and life changing journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and ultimately self-mastery. I can say I was pleasantly surprised by the course content, which was curated specifically for women in leadership, to begin to introspect, look internally first and to begin to know, explore and understand ourselves, our weaknesses and strengths, to enable us elevate our emotional quotient and literacy and then only in doing so, can we look outwardly into the world with an intent to lead others, with empathy, intent and purpose. My experience was eye opening, heartwarming, uncomfortable, scary, fulfilling and exciting. I left a better person, mother, wife and professional. Ready to continue my learning journey and expanding my knowledge. I left a better reader, and a more connected professional, grateful for meeting and interacting with all the amazing women I met during the course, who have turned out to be more than just course mates, but an amazing support system. I would recommend this life changing program for anyone daring to do great and life changing things.

Wanjiru KanyihaExecutive Director of Kilimani Project Foundation & Chief Operating Officer of Think Delus Limited

Dr Patricia Murugami is a talented coach and advisor of current and future leaders. She has a sense of insight into the talent that others have within them, the courage to engage in difficult conversations with those she coaches and advises, while still remaining personable, and the bravery to challenge their assumptions and intentions.
The credibility of her good character is the foundation for the trust others place in her. As a result, her coachees and those she advises become aware of their talents and are empowered to design new solutions themselves, they soon realize their aspirations.

Dr. Mbithe AnzayaExecutive and Systemic Team Coach

Dr. Patricia Murugami has great skill of delivery. Her message grabs your attention, is interesting to listen to, and is relevant for work and your personal life. She will always share something I don't know and not just a goosebump experience. you want to put it down on paper, follow up later and ensure your life is changed from it. And I am grateful for the major milestones of growth I have seen in my career life and in me as an individual and brand.

Faith Nkatha Gitonga - NgokonyoCountry Director, Cellulant

Patricia is a great facilitator and insightful leadership coach who is passionate about individual, organizational & community growth. She delivers high impact leadership courses with energy and verve. She is resolute about making a difference by focusing on the whole person through their leadership journey. I’ve learnt a lot from her that has stood me in good stead.

Wairimu NjageDirector, Rusinga Schools

Dr Patricia is the key facilitator for our women leadership program - Ignite Women Leadership Program reflecting on our diversity and inclusion strategy. She delivered the program for 6 months, and it changed our culture especially defining the role of senior women in the leadership.
It has had an impact on my personal life as it has helped me to prioritize family, helped me to plan and organise myself and my work better and to have clarity of mind through meditation. The learnings from the books we have read and the information we have shared have created opportunities for me to grow and to make me more visible to other women and men in senior positions in the Bank. The Rise program has uplifted my confidence level and pushed me to realize, accept the potential in me.

Janet MushiSenior Human Capital Business Partner, Stanbic Bank Tanzania

Patricia is extremely focused. She also has the skill of bringing out the best in others. She is an excellent friend, mentor and coach.

Angelica KiboroPrincipal, Strathmore Institute at Strathmore University

Rise MasterClass with Dr. Patricia

The Rise MasterClass is a leadership program designed to catalyse you to become your next best self personally and professionally.

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Raise Your Heart helps you discover who you really are. You will learn the power of unapologetic self-care and getrational wisdom

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This manifesto helps you to commit to making your VUCA vision and give yourself permission to be a beginner. The manifesto helps you answer the question, What is your real identity stripped off the titles?

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Raise your hand and with the other hand, lift many

When you raise your hand to grasp the next rung in the ladder, the other hand should be free to lift another person who is seeking to rise

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Raising yourself for a higher purpose means that you seek your purpose and calling in life so as to serve from a mission-centric perspective

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  • Raise your head & get a clear vision
  • Raise your hand and with the other hand, lift many
  • Raise yourself for a higher purpose
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