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Together with you, I help you build an authentic life that you truly love — a one-of-a-kind life that’s brilliantly tailored for you.

Like me, it all starts with you.

I was not always clear about my purpose. I was not always intentional, nor was I always courageous. But something changed within me. I know that you may be in the same space where you are fearful, and need clarity about how to rise and become Your Next Best Self.

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Breakthrough African Women who are Intentional, Influential & Impactful Leaders Global Network

Be. A. WiiiL Global Network is a network of leaders who intend to grow so as to lead intentionally and with a transformational impact. If you are ready to grow with purposeful intention, give generously to mentor and grow others with your words and example and live a multigenerational impact, then this is your Global Network.

This community was founded by Dr. Patricia Murugami after her deep and illustrious career of over two decades in multiple sectors. In that time she realised that people struggle to be leaders because they focus on hierarchical power rather than character power. Together with her exceptional team at Breakthrough Leadership Transformation, they launched this network to enable many men and women to understand the power of intentional growth and that we can only rise sustainably by lifting others.

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Five Finger Goal Strategy

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Dr. Patricia Murugami is a Global Leadership Catalyst and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Breakthrough Leadership Transformation. She is also an ITC – She Trades Global Consultant specializing in crisis management, leadership resilience and new normal strategies.

She is a published author, an award- winning speaker, transformational coach and leadership educator. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration- Transformational Leadership & Governance from International School of Management (, in Paris.

She is passionate about inclusive leadership and has enabled many women and other minorities in East Africa to serve as executive and board directors. She is currently the Chair of the Clean Start Governance Board; a social enterprise that works with women and children impacted by the criminal justice system to restore dignity and hope for successful re-integration. She has also served on multiple boards and is a sought- after board advisor and executive team leadership coach.

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Are you ready to become Your Next Best Self? Then, get ready to achieve a four-dimensional Breakthrough with Dr. Patricia Murugami, thought leader and change catalyst based on her seasoned experience, expertise, and purpose to elevate others to the next level.

Let’s unearth life-defining answers with my book, Rise.

Buckle up and get ready for a journey of transformation as you rise to become Your Next Best Self with Rise, based on my significant life & career challenges, from being an audit assistant to becoming an award-winning global leadership expert and certified coach.

Rise with four proven manifestos:

  • Raise your heart & discover yourself
  • Raise your head & get a clear vision
  • Raise your hand and with the other hand, lift many
  • Raise yourself for a higher purpose
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I know you can rise to become your next best self. That’s why I developed Rise School.

Rise School is a personal growth & leadership program designed to help you breakthrough the barriers that hold you back from rising & leading better.

The program guarantees lifetime benefits, with live group coaching sessions, and exclusive access to joining the Risers Network of leaders. You also get a free copy of the Rise book.

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