For 2 days break through to the next level in Sandton City, Johannesburg, with Africa’s business & leadership giants.

As the world continues to adjust and adapt in a never-normal world, join our conference thought leaders and speakers as they help you break through to the next level in every dimension of your life.

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Your Next Best Self Conference 2023.

Break Through To The Next Level.

Your Next Best Self Conference Begins in:

Hurry Up!

To break through to the next level you need some disruption.

It’s been over 3 years since the world was turned upside down.

I remember, in 2020, sitting in panic. Debating with myself, my team, and my family, on whether to cancel our annual conference or not. It was such a stressful time. We had to postpone the conference which was scheduled to start in a few hours as we value human life and safety more than profit. Then we watched in dismay, as the world was forced to shut down.

For many, careers got extra challenging. Travel and social life took a hit. The lucky ones eventually mastered the art of homeschooling and entertaining a bored household:-). Still, many more sought ways to reinvent themselves and find alternative sources of income, as they were forced to stay home indefinitely. Businesses folded up. People lost their well-being.

After almost two years of lockdown, we transitioned into a never-normal world. 3 years on, many are still trying to navigate a new world of AI and Web 3.0. Many are still stuck in their life and career. Others have leveled up in some ways, but a majority still yearn to BREAKTHROUGH TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

It’s here that an urgent question presents itself:

How do you successfully show up in this new world?

How do you break through to the next level?

This coming August, I’ve invited living legends to train you …

And by train, I’m not just talking about passive talks and speeches: but deeply immersive content that seeks to create profound transformation and positive disruption in every area of your life.

Dr Patricia Murugami

CEO & Growth Catalyst BLT & Rise School

Vusi Thembekwayo

Speaker, Best Selling Author, Venture Capitalist – VT

Mrs. Marion Mwangi

Business Unit Director, Bulk and Onsites
African Oxygen Pty, A Linde Company

Phiwi Khonjelwayo

Head of Marketing Southern Africa (CMSA), Safal Group

Palesa Ntoagae

Human Capital Executive, Old Mutual Insure

Stephen Chege

Group Chief Regulatory & External Affairs, Vodacom Group Limited

Preshanta Govender

Chief Finance & Value Management Officer, Standard Bank SA

Your Next Breakthrough is in Sandton City, Johannesburg.
Tell your friends, we’re leaving no one behind..

This will be our 6th annual conference and our first outside East Africa. The idea to host it in South Africa was born out of our 2018 work in Southern Africa and announced at our 2022 conference in Nairobi. We know that two-thirds of businesses survive 2 years and half of this number reach their 5th year.

Being our 6th year, we wanted to celebrate this milestone not only by hosting it in a different country but by inviting notable speakers, whose primary business is helping leaders like you break through and keep YOU ‘in business’.

To our Southern African ‘Mzansi’ brothers and sisters, who’ve been joining us virtually for the past 5 events, as well as our local and global attendees, I can’t wait to see you there in person.

How Would You Like To Break Through To The Next Level?

Throughout the 1 and half-day summit, you’ll have access to a variety of immersive talks, interviews, and embodiment sessions – each one a deeply transformational experience.

All sessions are divided into one of 4 unique growth sessions, exclusive of a special half-day masterclass, each representing a unique focus area of your life.

Special Highlights

  1. Don’t just attend, Come connect: We expect participants from across the East, West, Southern Africa, and the world to join us at: each one with the same passion as you for growth and transformation.
  2. Grow using the 4L’s: Is there a specific area of life you’re looking to grow in right now? YNBS will give you an opportunity to learn and grow in the areas of Life, Love, Leadership & Legacy

Stories From East Africa and Beyond, Will Yours Be Next?

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Africa’s greatest minds are coming together to disrupt and awaken your biggest breakthrough. The time to break through to the next level is now.

Claim your spot, August 18th - 19th 2023

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